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I am the woman who…

Who coordinated the Laboratory “Playing with the art” at MIC Faenza from 1982 to 1997,

Who shared with Munari the first experimentation of the method and created a code,

Who realized three further steps of the method promoted by Munari,

Who wrote 9 books devoted to her experiences at the Museum,

Who diffused the method in France and Greece ,

Who has been managing as freelance the didactic training of the Method Bruno Munari © for ceramics since 1997,

Who arranged the first MASTER for Bruno Munari Method © for ceramics,

Who created, together with Munari's son Alberto and some colleagues, the ASSOCIATION BRUNO MUNARI (ABM) in 2001,

Who in 2007 created MABILAB, a permanent space for Bruno Munari method in Faenza ,

Who watches over the basic method as a vestal in order to let it pure and uncontaminated ,

Who luckily keeps on having a good time…


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