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For a multi-sensorial education following BRUNO MUNARI METHOD©

The school approach preserves some characteristics typical of children game, just as Bruno used to teach….

Playing is a serious thing, today children are tomorrow adults. We have to help them to grow up free from stereotypes, to develop their senses. We have to help them to become more sensible and careful.

A creative child is a happy child…

For this reason my proposals often have a playful origin, they allow to people attending my courses to have a multi-sensorial and multi-subject involvement inside a setting that takes care of “global” languages and, in the specific case of my laboratory, it is devoted to ceramics.

It is a methodological course that help people to develop their planning-creative actions; in addition there is a great attention to the “practical action”, to the construction of the individual knowledge.

Courses are devoted to teachers, students from University, technicians from Museums, both from public and private body, but also to persons not necessary involved in artistic matters: the important thing is having a positive attitude towards the method, being interested in culture and art, a motivation toward the knowledge of this language and its relevant involvement.

For practical reasons the base preparatory courses BRUNO MUNARI METHOD© will take place in June, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (we have to chose the week), for a total of 24 hours, 8 hours a day.

For starting a course at least 10 participants are necessary, up to a maximum of 18.

The following courses will be advanced 2 nd and 3 rd level, they are the innovative course I created with Bruno's supervision.

The courses plan operative, didactic, manipulative and conceptual approaches, in this way participants acquire concept regarding surfaces, modular elements, bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional spaces and cut surfaces. The personal introspection allows moods to originate creative works in different fields: literature, poetry, music and art.

These approaches will follow the preparatory course because the courses are one consecutive to the other and the take place the last four days of the week: from Thursday to Sunday.

The course plans a total of 25 hours

For starting this course at least 8 participants are necessary, up to a maximum of 15

A certificate attesting the frequency of the courses will be issued.

Subscription have to come within the following dead line: 30 th May 2010

To have information and receive the form for the subscription please write to: ivana@extreme.ra.it

MUNARI says...

It would be necessary to let adults to understand children. An old Chinese proverb says: the only constant thing in the world is the mutation..

If you try to stop it you risk to stop yourself and become old sadly. Adults should tech things to children only up to a certain time, that they should learn from children to discover the world