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MABILAB a didactic and more….

it is the acronym of the surname and name of Bruno Munari and Ivana Anconelli.

Why was it created? Because after a decennial experience I felt the necessity to find a place where creating my ceramics and carrying on the didactic method. First I shared for two years a space with a pupil of my laboratory, Fiorenza Pancino, a well-known artist who was fond of the Master. The place was lovely and airy, full Fiorenza's colors and shapes, ceramics created thanks to a free game that Munari would have loved; placed beside them my textured ceramics played a rigorous role.

After this experience I gave life, first in my mind than in my heart, to “MABILAB” laboratory project settled in Via Micheline, 4 in Faenza


I owed it to Bruno

The first meeting

In 1979, together with some colleagues of the school where I was working, I was invited by the managers of the Museum to attend the opening of the museum school laboratory for teachers and students. A man, standing in the middle of the laboratory, was explaining, in a simple and clear way, the contents of his project: how let children work with the clay.

I remember my thought: “how lovely is helping children to work with clay, just what I am doing”. I remember that I started to collect information about that man, so nice, looking like a gnome living in the woods, telling such interesting things. He helped us to come into his multi-faced world, we felt his curiosity towards every available materials, his respect for nature; he spread good values linked to beautiful and simple things.

How strange can be life: when everything seems quiet, arranged and settled – marriage, work, social life – here is the unexpected. Your life, thinks, work change. Well, your mind and life are changing.

That happened twenty-seven years ago, in a grey and damp morning of November. The man was little, white hair, lively eyes, round glass looking like two bike wheels. He was Bruno Munari, after that meeting I was born again.

MABILAB was created for this reason and for giving honor, through my work, to Bruno's spirit. Bruno Munari, an artist for everyone, but for me rare person, a men representing an icon, THE MASTER, the real master who loves you just as you are: your abilities, your weakness, your will to improve your life. In this way he gave us little gifts made of knowledge, joy, amazement (with him I learned once again to be amazed in spite of my age), gifts made of simplicity because he used to share his opinions with everyone; to listen to us and we had the possibility to enjoy his presence and tell him our stories.

A real master who used to hold your hand and wittily, sweetly but rigorously to help everyone to work. He always said that a laboratory can live if it evolves, if continuously experiments new possibilities. I hope to able to remain faithful to his thought, also through MABILAB, a space where people can learn the original method of the Master and experiment the innovations thanks to a permanent psychological and epistemological education.

WHAT IS A DREAM? Actually I don't know, may be it is not a place, it may be a thought that has not found a home yet, they may be unrealized wishes, or missing someone who become a vision. Anyway whatever dreams are, they belong to our sleep and, from time to time, they appear.

One of those dreams is still fixed in my mind.

After the opening of the exhibition devoted to Bruno Munari at Besana in October 2007 in Milan , I came soon to Faenza . I was very tired and not only physically, in fact together with my colleagues I arranged the setting of the exhibition and took part to a lot of side events in Milan . The stress, the emotion, the joy for such a great number of events caused a pain in my legs that did not allow me to sleep. I was half asleep when the dream came.

I still remember it, I don't want to forget…

“I am in a light room with several unknown persons, I can't remember the details of the place. I hear a voice coming from a side room, the voice becomes a person. It is Bruno but he looks different, he wears blue-jeans, a white shirt and a jacket. His has long and different hair and does not wear glasses. He looks younger! He comes towards me, take me up and says: how happy I am to see you! His contact was real, like a true presence. May be he feels well in the place where he is living now.”

MABILAB became possible also thanks to this dream, just it was Bruno's dream.