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I was born in the far November 1979, after one year of preparation thanks to the work of ceramists, artists, Munari (my father), and Mr. Bojani who was the director of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza.

I was created to promote the knowledge of “making ceramics”, with its several and sometime complicated rules linked to materials. I am a “working” Laboratory where through the game, but with strictness, people try to understand how making ceramics. Here, through the teaching of techniques children learn to be creative, to experiment in a free way new methods, new relations, new ways of expression; they learn to be free.

The continuity of my existence for such a long time was the origin of a great quantity of possibility to work both for children and for adults, included the artists who operated here. The result was a great number of laboratory experiences that gave a huge popularity to the Museum and to Munary's method in the field of museum didactic.

At the beginning I was coordinated by four students from the Institute for ceramic art “Ballardini”, later from 1982 to 1997 by Ivana Anconelli, pupil of my father, who played with him for many years in order to create a methodological course, coming from Munari's thought. Ivana has been teaching the method for many years and she is still bringing it around both in Italy and abroad.

At the moment I am coordinated by two Ivana's pupil, but I cannot find my way any more….

Well, I was missing an important piece of information: in 2001 Professor Alberto Munari, son of Bruno, deposited the mark of Bruno Munari's method and founded the cultural association ABM together with the direct pupils of his father. They have the duty to spread and protect the BRUNO MUNARI METHOD © , to integrate it through a rigorous and cared research both didactic and epistemological , following Alberto Munari's will.